Portal Kuningan of University

Welcome to the Portal Kuningan of University, the portal is devoted to students, in which students can see the data values ​​and delinquent students during lectures, the features of this portal include no chat, wall to flash games, students can communicate through the media chat, or convey complaint through chat or wall.

For students who have not registered please confirm to the Center for Information Systems (PUSINFO) Kuningan of University, for the first time login you can enter your Username and Password is the NIM, for example:

Username : 2011091581
Password : 02021990 (tanggal lahir 02 februari 1990)

For the sake of data security, a student must change the password when it logs in, if there are difficulties to access please contact the PUSINFO

Phone : (0232) 878 700 - 8900296
Twitter : @uniku_jaya

Password sekarang adalah Tanggal Lahir anda

Please Insert Username and Password

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